Places for Photos - LINKS

I now have too many destination places to go on one page so I have separated them out to category pages to make it easier for you to navigate around.  I have put the links here to make it even easier for you.

If you have places that you think are awesome and need to be shared then throw them in the comments on this page or on the individual pages, if you think they fit into a category.  If you want your name to be associated with the 'find' then please leave your SL name in the comments.

Also, if ANY of these links no longer work or the sims are no longer what they were when I took these photos PLEASE let me know as I want to keep them as updated as possible.


PS:  All photos are taken by Arya Braveheart

ARTY:  These sims are all very art related.  Some of them change often and are places for artists to display work.

BEACHES:  These areas are all about sand and surf.  They range from wild and windswept to tropical and palm-tree covered.

CITIES:  These sites are all about urban.  Some are futuristic and some are just modern cities with high-rise buildings and busy streets.

DESERTS:  These areas are about dry sand and a severe lack of water.  They cover the globe and range from desolate to full of life.

FANTASY:  These areas are about the fantastic.  These are easily the sort of places where elves run free and animals may just speak to you.

FARMLAND:  These are the pastoral places where you are likely to find cows, horses and sheep roaming about and where sheds and farm equipment are prevalent.

FORESTSand JUNGLESThe sims included here are about the trees and their inhabitants.  These range from vast woodlands to dense jungles.

ISLANDS:  Now I know most SL places are island, but these photo spots are definitely designed to give you that island feel.  They range from barren and lifeless to beach paradises and everything in between.

RUNDOWN:  These are the derelict and discarded sims where maintenance has been forgotten and where the earth is slowly claiming back its space.

STRANGEand CREEPY:  These are the places that make you feel slightly uncomfortable and where you will race come Halloween time.  They can be spooky, macabre and downright disturbing all rolled into one.

TEMPORARY:  This page is dedicated to those places that are set up for a short time for events or displays etc.  They come and go like dreams but are worth the visit.

TOWNSand VILLAGES:  The name says it all really.  These are the towns and villages of SL.  They can be quaint ports or thriving, bustling town centres.

VARIETYOF AREAS FOR PHOTOS:  These photo spots are perfect for photographers as they contain more than one theme in each place.  Each spot could have beaches, farmlands, swamps, towns and lakes.

WATERCOVERED:  The focus of these photo places is water.  They are covered in the stuff and make great places to get those shots that require water that goes to the horizon or rain.


  1. This is such a great list - thank you! I've visited a place once called Innsmouth, which was kind of scary, and you might want to try Colin's Land. It's a beautiful island.

  2. I will check them both out. Thank you!

  3. Innsmouth is added, but I couldn't find Colin's Land. Do you have a LM?

  4. Check Madpeas new sim The Green Mire.

  5. Have added The Green Mire. Put in under Run Down category. Love the wrecks scattered about.

  6. Thanks for sharing your list, it really is helpful <3

  7. Thank you, Sun! I am glad they are helping people out!

  8. I'd recommend Just Another Tequilla Sunrise. I didn't see it on your list unless I missed it. It's fairly new and was designed by a photographer for others to come and practice their SL photography.