Photos Places - Beaches

These areas are all about sand and surf.  They range from wild and windswept to tropical and palm-tree covered.

Rowne - This is not your run-of-the-mill beach.  It has vast grasslands, a lighthouse and these great power poles.  It surrounds the Rowne store and is lovely for those lonely-looking shots.

Black Basalt Beach - Rugged beach with lighthouse and inland ponds, shacks and animals.  Plenty of pose-filled outdoor items such as docks and seats.

Baja Norte - Sun, surf, sand and beach debris set on an island with a great view and a lighthouse.

Otium - A hilltop village complete with cafe and courtyard overlooks this long, windswept beach

Jamaica - Great beach setting with surf and even an active volcano in background.

Leesann - This lovely sim is made of scattered tropical islands connected by walkways.  Be careful of the wildlife as you wander about.  Some may bite. (Sanni)

Annon - Scattered islands that have different photo ops.  You can choose from a monastery, a wintery scene, a temple for the Greek and other little spots. Check out nearby Athan too.  (Sanni)