Photo Places - Variety in One Place

These photo spots are perfect for photographers as they contain more than one theme in each place.  Each spot could have beaches, farmlands, swamps, towns and lakes.

Scribbled Hearts - This is one of the revamped sims and it is looking so lovely.  A variety of places for photos.  In fact it was hard to choose just one spot!

Beautiful Seasons - This is one of my all time favourite "go-to" sims when I need a great places for my blog photos.  Changes regularly and loads of different spaces to get great pics for guys or girls.

Dawn of Radiance - Spring - This sim has loads of variety so you could use it for a heap of different shots.  Has farmlands, beaches, fairy areas and some great ruins complete with circling crows.

Blithe - This sim also manages to put a whole heap of fab spots in so that you get farmland, beach and great little viewing areas.

Kekeland - This is a lovely sim with a variety of places for photos or just wandering.  Lots of different features and I tried to capture a few in the photo...I hope.

Intro - This is actually not a new one, but an updated one.  It has changed again and is all decked out for autumn.  I love this arbor with train tracks below.  Just lovely.

Zon - This is a funky sim with all sorts of cool places to take your photos.  You can go from beach to pier to treehouse to Japanese village all on one sim.

The Dwarven Mines at Marathon Caye - This part of the sim is just one of a myriad of places to take shots and explore.  Right by the landing spot is a teleporter so make sure you take the time to explore!

Skye Neist Point - I have taken many a photo on this sim and it has loads of different spots for photos from forest to farm to this awesome bridge.

Eldalote - This sim is full of interesting spots for photos, whether you want docks, treehouses, beaches or farms.

Mimikri - This is the home of the famous Mimikri store, but the sim also hides great spots for photo ops.  You can find the ruins in this shot, a mini port/boat area, lovely grasslands plus other little surprises.

Collins Land - The owners of this sim have invited you onto their little slice of paradise so make sure you respect the land and privacy!  A road winds it way up the hill where you will find photo nooks along the way.  There are also two outlying islands; a rainy one and a lookout with gazebo.

Woodsy - Soft and green with of hidden spots in the woods to grab a photo or three.  There is even a rainy area for getting the ambiance you need. (Sanni)

 Gulf of Lune - a salt marsh with waterways, old buildings and wildlife aplenty.

Winter Moon -  Stunning blossom trees, waterfalls, a lighthouse and overgrown wooded areas. Changes with seasons.

Birdy Skins Mainstore - Pretty paths with overhanging trees and flower-filled fields complete with bridges and even a gypsy wagon.

Beautiful 4 Seasons - This parcel changes with the seasons and ranges from a chic cafe/courtyard area to a wild beach and hilltop views.

Isle of Serendipity - Neva River - The river is the centrepiece of this parcel with loads of walkways, rustic buildings and even a hilltop church.

Neva River Sim - Pretty moss covered paths lead you around this parcel to a rugged coastline and a variety of great shacks, houses and even a windmill.

Ivy Glad - Wetlands with cool photo spots interspersed.  Ruins, railway and a cute forest and a darker wooded area.

The Millhouse Beanery - Great hangout for the coffee connoisseur with a roastery, coffee cart and dock area amongst the trees.

With Love in Her Heart - Lovely island with a cool inlet with golden sands.  Plenty of farmland too, with animals and farm buildings scattered about. (Sanni)

Lakeside - Island set in the middle of a lake.  Lovely docks and spots to take photos on the edge of the lake or wander into the forest and get amidst the greenery. (Sanni)

Emerald Green - The green hits you as soon as you tp in and you will love all the flowers and all the great little hidey places like tunnels and the underwater garden. Make sure you look up too, because this sim is multi-leveled. (Sanni)

Godelin and Sendora - Wander the trails of this romantic sim and discover all the hidden nooks.  Pretty trees, waterfalls and a grotto for your photographic pleasure. (Sanni)