Photo Places - Towns and Villages

The name says it all really.  These are the towns and villages of SL.  They can be quaint ports or thriving, bustling town centres.

Basilique Town - This gorgeous town is set in Northern Italy and has great places for photos.  Walk the streets, check out the square and dangle your feet on the pier.

Nagare - This Japanese-inspired sim is full of stunning places to take photos.  I was spoiled for choice.  Make sure you wander about and enjoy all the nooks and crannies.

The Dark Fortress - The name kind of says it all really.  It is dark and a fortress and has a medieval vibe going on.  I hope you noticed the shark in my photo because I waited for ages for it to show!

The Legion Project - Now, the Nowhere Plains are on the edge of The Legion Project, so I have included in in this area.  This fab shopping area is a must see and as this is Stage 1, I can't wait to see the next stage!

Hesperia Templemore - I didn't quite know what category to put this under but since it is set in a town I decided to go with that.  This sim is made to showcase music, but there is so much more to it than that.  Explore and enjoy.

Jasmine's Hollow and The Dirty Grind - Great courtyard area complete with cafe and shops, surrounded by pretty trees and flowers.

Neva, Sky Villi - Very cool canal town with great courtyard areas and funky buildings.

Da Vinci Gardens - A diverse area with tombs, caves, mermaid spots, sunken Atlantis and loads more.  Heaps of places for photos.

Solaria - This Italian sea village is jammed full of photo spots.  You can wander in the village, head down to the fishing docks or hide in the ruins.