Photo Places - Strange and Creepy

These are the places that make you feel slightly uncomfortable and where you will race come Halloween time.  They can be spooky, macabre and downright disturbing all rolled into one.

DarkDharma - This house scares the beegeesus out of me.  I kept getting got by zombies.  I needed my gun!

Deadpool - Gone is the creepy carnival and instead we have this gruesome post-event city with abandoned buildings and vehicles, and this pathway with death surrounding you.

Urban Spirit - This is the frontage to the Urban Spirit Mainstore.  I love it because these guys do NOT move.  Nothing worse than trying to take a zombie photo with the undead trying to eat your brains.

The Looking Glass - Mixed areas ranging from steampunk to fantasy to gothic.

China - Minimalist sim with strange builds and wide open space.