Photo Places - Run-down

These are the derelict and discarded sims where maintenance has been forgotten and where the earth is slowly claiming back its space.

Pigeon Island - This grungy run-down sim is in dire need of a paint and some TLC.  I hope no one does that though cos it is fabulous as it is.  Buildings, parks, broken streets and enough grunge to make you want to shower when you get home.

Everwinter - This theme park has seen better days.  It was also hard to get a decent hotdog.  Loads of places for great photos if you need things to look a bit unkempt.

After the Fall - The title of this sim says it all.  It is messy and dirty and filled with junk and discarded vehicles.  Probably not for high fashion shots, but then perhaps it is perfect! (NOTE:  Is role-play sim).

Tempelhof - This sim is full of places for some very cool shots.  I found it hard to decide where to take a photo that exemplified the whole place.  I also loved the port on the other side of the sim with subs and boats.

Ciudad "Malalife" - This funky sim is full of cool spots for those grungy shots we all love.  With the city backdrop you are sure to find a place for a pic or two.

[WOS] Missing Mile Dark Rural Community - I have loved this sim for a while and if you are a regular reader of my blog you will have seen some photos I have taken on the rail tracks here.  I also love the trailer park, polluted swamp and run-down hotel with possible dead body.

Hazardous - Great for photos.  Run down playground, old rustic buildings, pond and windswept coastline.  Poses EVERYWHERE.

Innsmouth - This place is seriously in need of paint and perhaps an exorcism or two.  Dilapidated buildings, rust and weeds are the mainstay of this place.  Great spot for those slightly spooky or grungy shots.