Photo Places - Islands

Now I know most SL places are island, but these photo spots are definitely designed to give you that island feel.  They range from barren and lifeless to beach paradises and everything in between.

The Colder Water - This sim is an island but is just a thin horse-shoe shaped strip of land with beaches, lighthouses and flotsam strewn about.  Very cool for photos.

Pine Woods, Eagleview - The Eagleview sim has a group of islands that each have a different vibe to them.  They are privately owned but the owners are happy for people to visit.  Just make sure you don't encroach on the islands if the owners are home.  Respect privacy!

Deer Island- This sim is the home of some fab stores and is also a great place to wander and find little spots like the one in the photo.  Also has beaches, a forest and little woodland animals everywhere.

Garlic Breath at Melee Island - This Greek themed isle will delight you in so many ways.  There are plenty of places to get that perfect coastal shot whether up by the houses or on one of the many beaches.

Paradise Tropical Beach -  Like the name says, tropical beach area with aqua-coloured water, waterfalls, palm trees and sand galore.

 Frisland - Mysterious island ranging from beach to fields with animals and great rustic buildings.