Photo Places - Fantasy

These areas are about the fantastic.  These are easily the sort of places where elves run free and animals may just speak to you.

Natural - This stunning island is full of photographers delights.  Make sure you check out the sites just off the island too.  Gorgeous.

 HappyMood Forest - Forest with store and fantasy vibe.

Magic of Oz - If you are off to see the Wizard in your ruby slippers then this is the perfect place to go.  Is easy to find, just follow the yellow brick road! (Kavisha)

StoryBrooke Gardens - This dreamy garden area has plenty of photo-worthy spots.  Great for those fairy and elven shots.  Check out the gingerbread men! (Sanni)

Majilis Al Jinn - Step into the world of genies and enjoy the Arabian Nights feel.  Set on cliffs this oasis or gardens will wow you.  The camels seem friendly too. (Sanni)