Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Challenge

Thought I may as well show you all of The Challenge items I have to show because they are just darn good.  Great stuff if you are doing up your land for spring.  Perfect timing.

[Black Tulip] - Garden Atelier

 Shutter Field - The Challenge 
 [ht:home] - artiste's workbench and stool
Little Llama - My Little Toolbench and Toolbox

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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Challenge - Atelier/Workshop/Studio

The new round of The Challenge is upon us and the theme this month is Atelier/Workshop/Studio so we have some great furniture and buildings so you can set up and decorate your office or workshop space.

Today I have items from 22769 [bauwerk] called Garden Atelier.

Garden Atelier

 Atelier Window Drape and Atelier Easel
 Atelier Working Table and Empty Canvas

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hi Def

Was playing with the photos today so excuse the interesting effects.  I like how they turned out so I guess that is all that matters...well, and that they show off some more clothing from Men Only Monthly.

I can also show you some new poses from {NanTra} Poses from a pack called Burn 4 You which you can grab at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair.

Pants and Shoes:  ::Gabriel:: - Soft Sarrouel Pant (Spiral Black) and Chain Slip On Black Gunmetal 

Hoodie:  Legal Insanity - Gangsta Hoodie DJ - Grey
Hair:  Exile:: - Machinehead (Recent Release)

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Saturday, March 28, 2015


I have two different shapes with skins and clothes to go with.  They are both from Tameless and you can buy just the skin and shape on their own or you can grab the whole pack which comes with shape, skin, hair, clothing, eyes and makeup.  How cool is that and how simple?

Pose Prop:  Mien Poses - Fuel Me Up (Genre)

The first pack is called Deanne and comes with all you see here PLUS eyes. I am wearing the Light skin in both packs but there are other options.

The second one is called Bethany and, again, comes with all you can see here plus eyes.  The boots are to go with SLink High Feet.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Destinations

I am on a Destinations roll at the moment and having fun scooting about the globe (plane, dodecahedron?) finding some new places for photos.  Of course lots have gone green for spring so that means I get to take some new shots of some revamped places and also discover new lands!  I am like Captain Cook!

Sacred - This is just a temporary photo spot because the owner has kindly opened it up for the public for just two weeks before she goes back to peace and quiet.  It has a lovely home and courtyard area and loads of hidey spots like this for those gorgeous spring shots.

Scribbled Hearts - This is one of the revamped sims and it is looking so lovely.  A variety of places for photos.  In fact it was hard to choose just one spot!

Beautiful Seasons - This is one of my all time favourite "go-to" sims when I need a great places for my blog photos.  Changes regularly and loads of different spaces to get great pics for guys or girls.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I am loving this sim (Pigeon Island).  I am finding loads of places in the sim to get some photos and so that makes it simple for me.  I like simple.  

It is simple when there is an event on too.  That means I just throw on the great clothes and accessories and just stand about looking awesome....and modest.

All these items are from Men Only Monthly unless I tell you otherwise.

Poses:  Image Essentials - Skateboard 3 (from my inventory)

Jacket and Scarf:  Kezenn - Men's Mesh Urbanstreet Jacket w/ Hoodie 003 
Pants:  V-Spot - Rockstar Pants - Black 

Hair:  Masaru Hair - Lights - Modulus 
Shoes:  [NoName] - Eddy Shoes (Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vintage Rockabilly

A very sad thing happened today (ok, not as sad as diseases and hurricanes...perspective here).  You may remember that a while back I accidentally deleted my jewellery folder.  This was all my favourite jewellery that I had collected over my 6 years in SL.  At the time I was a bit upset but shrugged it off as there was nothing I could do.  Then today I went to find one of my favourite vintage sets and realised it was gone forever.  Farewell, my League Pearls and Lace Earrings and 3 Vintage Necklaces.  You are missed today.

I had fun today playing with this new dress and stuff from my inventory that is still there...

Hair:  Truth Hair - Sadie (from my inventory)
Poses:  Glitterati - Pin Up Girl (Only on MP)

Dress:  Leri Miles Designs - Bobby Sue Dress - Black (My Attic @ The Deck)
Necklace:  Senzafine - "Tears of the Accused" Necklace (from my inventory)
Tattoo:  Rotten Defiance - *Music for the Soul Tattoo (Only on MP)

Shoes:  CNZ -  PinUp Lovely Pumps (from my inventory)

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Monday, March 23, 2015


I have some more items from the Men Only Monthly to show you today.  I also go to get out and enjoy some spring sunshine which was nice.  Great to wander some sims and poke about.

Shirt:  Project Reject - Men's Skinny Jeans - Smoke (Men Only Monthly)
Jeans:  Project Reject - Mens Havai Shirt - White (MOM)
Shoes:  NoName - Eddy Shoes (Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair)

Hair:  MINA Hair - Andre (MOM)
Poses:  Juxtapose - Lucky (Luck of the Irish Gacha)
Watch:  Meva - Cubes Watch (MOM)

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Little Bit

I was feeling a little bit rebellious today so this outfit and some heavy liner was definitely a go.  Matched with the Rock n Roll poses from {NatnTra} Poses (My Attic @ The Deck) and I had myself a mini goth look...or EMO... I am never sure which is which.

P.S.  I have just started watching iZombie and this hair was a little like Liv's (the main character).  If any hair makers are out there and you make a hair JUST like Liv's let me know cos it rocks!

Dress:  NoName - Keely Corset Dress (New Release)

Shoes:  NoName - Jami Heels (Luck of the Irish - Gacha)

Hair:  KoKoLoReS - Shona (New Release)
Necklace:  Kitty Moon - Vintage Celtic Cat Choker (LOTI)
Nails:  Dark Horse Style! - Black Matte (Feeb's Rascals St Sales Room)
Lipstick:  [:Tuli:] - Neve / T2 / lips05 Urban Nude (Skin Fair)

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Saturday in SL

It is Friday night in SL but is Saturday night where Arya and I live.  My theory is that at least I manage to get out in SL.  Not sure my choice of venue was too good though.

Still at least I am styled out while I am doing nothing.  It pays to look good whatever you are doing.

And, yes I know I am blond...

Jeans:  United Colors - Low Rise Blue Jeans Unisex (Men Only Monthly)
Hair:  [bade] - Lennard (MOM)

 Shirt/Tee:  *MIRUS* - Cool Men's Open Shirt Black (1L or Group Gift)
Glasses:  Meva - Cubes Shades (MOM)
Watch:  Meva - Cubes Watch (MOM)

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