Friday, July 25, 2014

From the Attic

My Attic @ The Deck is on and there are some cool summer items for your enjoyment.  I showed you the Leri Miles Designs dress the other day and today I have items from Somnia and W.Winx.

The W.Winx pose prop is called Wish You Were Here and is perfect for those beach photos you have been wanting to take.  I am only showing a few of the poses available.  It comes with the sand and the Beach letters.

 This outfit is made up of items from Somnia.  The top is called Kimeyos, the shorts are Bitty Shorts and the shoes are Kimatia.  All come with a colour change hud so you can get them looking just how you want.

My hair is from Tameless and is called Lilly.  This is another of their Hair Fair items and you can change the ties and hair colour with the easy-to-use hud.

These cute nails are also from Somnia at My Attic and are from the Toppled Stars Darks Pack.  There is also a lights pack if you are more of a fan of the lighter tones!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today I am going classy with this gorgeous two-piece ensemble from 22769.  The Ophelia Bustier and Pants are both available at The Boutique.  I am wearing both of them in cream.

My hair is from Tameless and is called Chanel.  It is a new release and is available from the Tameless mainstore.

My necklace is another 22769 item and is the Leafes Necklace in Gold.  You will find this at The Secret Affair Gatcha Event.  The necklace also comes in copper and silver.

These cool Nexus earrings from Luminary were at The Nexus event.  I have worn them before but wanted to give you a close-up view.  These will be available at the Luminary mainstore.

My lovely Dash2 shoes are from Ducknipple and are for Slink Mid Feet.  They come with a hud so you can colour-change them with the touch of a button.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Collage July- August

The new round of The Collage starts on the 23rd of July and the theme is Summer.  You are going to LOVE their take on summer and the great things you will be able to purchase to awesome up your home and garden.

These Beach Shacks and Chairs come in 4 colours and will add the 'WOW!' factor to your beach area.  They are just that cute!  I have shown the pink and blue, but there is also green and yellow if they are more to your taste.

Summer is not just about beaches, it is also about picnics and this set from Serenity Style is just perfect for your garden.  It comes with a hud so you can change the flags and tablecloth to suit your surrounding decor.

I added the cool Fruity Basket from !! Follow Us !! (not at The Collage) so that you will think I am all about healthy eating...

The thing I love about SL is that designers can take a similar product and put their own spin on it to make it look completely different.  That is the case here with this Garden Shed from Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  Same, but completely different!

I also have a gorgeous item from !! Follow Us !! that is NOT in the Collage, but felt it needed to be shown and I may as well show it with the other furniture items.  Made sense!  It is the Towel Cart - Flowers and Beauty and is an absolute stunner.  Perfect to add a glamorous finishing touch to a room.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I am not sure why I decided to go neko with this but who needs an excuse to done ears and a tail?  Not me.  I haven't had a good cat scratch session for a while.  It was way overdue.  Purrrr.

All the poses today are from a set called Wild from Glitterati Poses (only available on MP).

Dress:  Ducknipple - Zurich Dress (New Release)
Shoes:  Ducknipple - MariSnol Wedges (New Release)

Hair:  Tameless - Evie - Naturals (New Release)

Tail and Ears:  Likka*House - Rebel Cat (from my inventory)

Eyes:  Poetic Colors - Forest Cat (from my inventory)
Scratch:  Repulse - Clawed Eye Face Tattoo (from my inventory)
Skin:  Panda Punx - Neri (Lubbly Jubblies)

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not Getting Wet

There are some days when you are happy to jump into the water and splash about and others when you are having a good hair day and you squeal like a baby pig if anyone even splashes near you.  This was one of the latter days.  The bikini in these shots is about looking stylish and waiting for the paparazzi to find you.  Perhaps I should tip them off?

The bikini is from 20.FIVE and I am loving the retro feel to it with the metal circle in the bandeau top.  Very chic!

My cool bag is from Swallow and is the Stereo Bag Vintage.  This is at the new round of The Dressing Room Fusion and you can find other colours and styles there too.  Love it.

I grabbed these shoes from for Fifty Linden Friday and they are called Kokomo (don't get the song in your head like I have).  These were the only colour available but they were perfect for my beach look.

All the poses today are from Focus Poses and I used some from the Model 134 and 135 packs.  You will see more of these poses over the next few days cos they are very cool.

My Neri skin and shape are both from Panda Punx and I have been wearing them for days because I am loving the natural look.  I did tweak the shape just a bit boob-wise because I was having issues making the bikini top work with the voluptuousness, but that is the good thing about a mod shape!  Skin and shape are both at Lubbly Jubblies.

This lovely hair that I do NOT want to get wet is from Exile and is a new release item.  It is called After the Rain but I would definitely wait for the rain to finish before going out so that it stays looking glam and gorgeous!

These glasses were from my inventory and are the Swank Glasses from DECO and my bracelet is the Chum bracelet from Miel.

And if you saw my post yesterday with destinations you may recognise this as one from the list.  This is Baja Norte and is a stunner for beach shots.  Hope you noticed the whale in the background!

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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I have spent the whole week looking around SL for some great places to take photos and updating my destination notecard.  It was a day filled with mixed emotions as I deleted sims off my notecard that are sadly no longer with us and then added some new ones that were full of fun places and discoveries.  I also stepped onto sims that made me say, "Wow!" which is a good sign.  You will get to see more of them in the future.

Anyway, I decided to put the links to the sims/areas here for people to use.  As I take photos on those sims I will even add those to the LMs listed to give you a taste of what you can expect.  I have started working through them so you will at least have a few to peruse.

I do have to give TONS of credit to two blogs that I used as references.  They are Virtual Geographic and the SL Blogger Support Destinations page.  Please be aware that not all the links on these blogs are current and some of the sims/places no longer exist in the form they were when posted.  This is not the fault of the website managers/bloggers, it is just SL and the rapid way things rise and fade.

The other sims I found that were not listed on the above sites were from the Destination tab in search.  I let my fingers do the walking and then visited those that grabbed my attention.  I wish it had a 'new' option in there so we could see what sims are recent builds or developments.

If you discover any places you think I should add then throw them in the comments and I will check them out.


 HappyMood Forest - Forest with store and fantasy vibe.

Magic of Oz - If you are off to see the Wizard in your ruby slippers then this is the perfect place to go.  Is easy to find, just follow the yellow brick road!


 Aspen Fell - Great variety of areas from courtyard to beach to forest.

Caverns of Aleval - There are 4 distinct areas here that are a virtual cornucopia of places that bloggers and photographers can put to good use.  Changes regularly.

 L.C. Pretty Island - You will find a great beach, a cafe, old railcar and station, coffee carts and a road with car accessories on this compact parcel.

 Gulf of Lune - a salt marsh with waterways, old buildings and wildlife aplenty.

Winter Moon -  Stunning blossom trees, waterfalls, a lighthouse and overgrown wooded areas. Changes with seasons.

Birdy Skins Mainstore - Pretty paths with overhanging trees and flower-filled fields complete with bridges and even a gypsy wagon.

[NorderNay] Place of Hope -  From beach to field with animals and ponds in between.  Also has a rainy area for those great umbrella shots.

Beautiful 4 Seasons - This parcel changes with the seasons and ranges from a chic cafe/courtyard area to a wild beach and hilltop views.

Isle of Serendipity - Neva River - The river is the centrepiece of this parcel with loads of walkways, rustic buildings and even a hilltop church.

Neva River Sim - Pretty moss covered paths lead you around this parcel to a rugged coastline and a variety of great shacks, houses and even a windmill.

Ivy Glad - Wetlands with cool photo spots interspersed.  Ruins, railway and a cute forest and a darker wooded area.

The Millhouse Beanery - Great hangout for the coffee connoisseur with a roastery, coffee cart and dock area amongst the trees.

 Noble Goes Dutch - Boat dock, beach, farmland, wind blades, windmills and gorgeous Dutch town with poppies of course!


 The Looking Glass - Mixed areas ranging from steampunk to fantasy to gothic.

Deadpool - Creepy carnival all rundown and scary.  Great for Halloween photos or just a creepy feel. Watch out for the zombies.

China - Minimalist sim with strange builds and wide open space.


Another Somewhere - Lovely bay area with a lighthouse, swing bridge, fields and cabins.

Done Wiv a Twist - Think waterfalls, lazy beach areas, wooden paths and stage area.

Paradise Tropical Beach -  Like the name says, tropical beach area with aqua-coloured water, waterfalls, palm trees and sand galore.

~Santaurio~ - You teleport in to a plane crash scene and when you make your way to the beach you will find ruins, beach hideaways and jungle.  Reminds me of Lost.

 Frisland - Mysterious island ranging from beach to fields with animals and great rustic buildings.


H22O - This water covered land has great photo spots set up like islands.  They range from pretty to spooky and artistic in between.  Great rainy feel.

Starfall's Twilight Edge Summer Retreat - Water covered sim with great areas scattered about for those perfect photos.

Binemist - Currently undergoing refurbishment, but is an open water sim.

Pangloss - Water sim with fantasy features.  Often changes themes.  Beeswing coming soon.

Imagination - Sadly closing July 27th but worth visiting before then.  Fantasy meets beautiful on this gorgeous parcel.

Seni Seviyorum -  Gorgeous fantasy-styled woodland area surrounded by water.

 Black Kite - Water-covered sim with places to fly a kite and walk the paths.


Piwnica pod Aniolami w Skirolawkach - Rolling fields filled with horses, farm buildings and a meandering river.

Roche - Farm area complete with sheep, farm buildings, tractors and even a railway.

Ocho Tango Club - The Ocho Tango Club sits amongst long grasslands, but is also on a sim with a variety of areas ranging from winter to grasslands to spring park.


 MIC Imagin@rium - Cool Greek looking ruins and buildings with art scattered in the water along pathways.

 MetaLES - This is a sim created to celebrate and promote art and artists.  Changes often.

Grey November Gallery - Rainy area dedicated to art with stormclouds always on the horizon.


Black Basalt Beach - Rugged beach with lighthouse and inland ponds, shacks and animals.  Plenty of pose-filled outdoor items such as docks and seats.

Baja Norte - Sun, surf, sand and beach debris set on an island with a great view and a lighthouse.

Otium - A hilltop village complete with cafe and courtyard overlooks this long, windswept beach

Jamaica - Great beach setting with surf and even an active volcano in background.


Tableau - This great shopping area is home to a red desert littered with old cars, dinosaurs and remnants of a fair

The High Mesa - The barren edge of the Wastelands.  And abandoned area complete with rusted shells of buildings and helicopters.


 Hazardous - Great for photos.  Run down playground, old rustic buildings, pond and windswept coastline.  Poses EVERYWHERE.


La Caprese - Capri-inspired isle with a Mediterranean Vibe complete with 9th century villa.  High up above the sea on a rocky clifftop.

Jasmine's Hollow and The Dirty Grind - Great courtyard area complete with cafe and shops, surrounded by pretty trees and flowers.

Neva, Sky Villi - Very cool canal town with great courtyard areas and funky buildings.

Da Vinci Gardens - A diverse area with tombs, caves, mermaid spots, sunken Atlantis and loads more.  Heaps of places for photos.


Nekozone - Dystopic city with a futuristic feel.  Lots of neon signs and tall buildings.

Insilico - Futuristic city environment with loads of neon and metal everywhere.  Is a shopping area but plenty of places for those grungy shots.


 Amazon River- Name says it all.  Discover lost tribes and in the jungle as your explore the river.

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