Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dragon Queen

An interesting fact about me is that my current avi was not my first.  My first ever avi in SL was named Daenerys.  I hope you are seeing the theme here.  I had just read the George R.R. Martin books and my two favourite characters, at the time, were Daenerys and Arya.

I also have another confession:  I have not watched the TV series.  This is not because of the whole 'books are always better than movies/tv etc', but more to do with the fact that:

  • I like the characters from my imagination better
  • It is on a TV channel that costs to subscribe to
  • I am far too busy on SL!
However, when I saw these dragons from 22769 I just had to do the photos and remember my first avi who I killed off in a very George R.R. Martin way although with less blood.

Please excuse the amount of photos but I wanted you to see a few of the different dragons.

Dragons:  22769 - Shoulder Dragons - Black (Games of Thrones Gatcha)
Necklace:  22769 - Dragon Egg Necklace - Iron (GoT Gatcha)
Dress:  Senzafine - Thetis - Mithril (Recent Release)
Poses:  {NanTra} - Purple Rain (The Monochromatic Fair)

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Monique - Rye (From my inventory)

Bracelets:  Finesmith Jewelry - Athena Bracelet

Feet Chains:  Twizted & Reckless - Sugarush Foot Chain (The 100 Block - for use with Slink mid or high feet)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tyson from the Block

Look what the cat dragged in!  I literally sent the cat to get him cos he needed to show you some of the male items from The 100 Block and there are some goodies.

These are the first four and there are more to come.  Thanks, Ty!

Jacket:  American Bazaar - Casual Hoodie - Brown
Jeans:  American Bazaar - Baggy Jeans - Black

Shape:  {HoStyle Shapes} - Noah
Poses:  Image Essentials - Subtle Moves

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I am on a blogging frenzy.  Apologies if you are having trouble keeping up.  I just have so much to blog and, now that I have new laptop, I am happy as a pig in mud.

Since the last few days have been all about fashion I thought it was about time I got into some furniture and I have some awesome items to get you salivating.  Check out these beautiful outdoor items:

!!  Follow Us !! - Happy Spring Romantic Garden (New Release)

!! Follow Us !! - Spring Garden Room (Group Gift)

shutter.field - Outdoor Wall - Light (Home Show), Herb Rack, Bucket of Flowers and Water Can (from Potting Table Set), Outdoor Dining Set with Flowers (New Release - food items not included)

shutter.field - Rope Bed - Light (Home Show), Rustic Coffee Stool (Store Gift)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

End of a Day

I know I have blogged about the awesome Caverns of Aleval sim before, but the one thing I love about this sim is the fact that it evolves and changes regularly.  If you haven't been over there for a while then get on back and go for a wander.  So pretty.

It was the perfect backdrop from these fab items from The 100 Block.  This is a completely Arya outfit and something you would see me wandering around SL in.

Jeans:  [SAKIDE] - Denim Worker Pants
Poses:  Infiniti - M.Basics
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Yasmine (Room 69)
Hair:  Tulip - Elena (The Season's Story)

Jacket:  [Cynful] - Cropped Denim Jacket (Top underneath not included)

Glasses:  [pose.ivity] and luxe. - Lolita Roses - Black
Piercings:  Cute Poison - Ova Piercings

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These fab blocks are a new pose prop from Dyer Maker.  They are called Monochromatic Red Blocks and will be in the upcoming Monochromatic Fair.  Great poses!

The jacket and shorts I am wearing are from Ducknipple.  The jacket is called Lora and the shorts are called Devil Shorts.  I teamed them with some tights from my inventory and these fab boots from DECO that I picked up a couple of weeks ago on a 50L Friday spend-up.

Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Yasmine (Room 69)
Hair:  Tulip - Charlie (The Season's Story 3)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014


The Monochromatic Fair is beginning on the 18th of April so I thought I would give you a wee taste of what is to come.  From what I have seen so far you will love this so make sure you are saving your Lindens!

The 100 Block has started and I hope you have already wandered over (de-primmed and de-scripted, of course).  If you haven't...what are you waiting for?

Dress:  Delirium Style - Monochrome Black Dress with Hud (Monochromatic Fair - also comes with these poses)
Shoes:  {KOKOIA} Exclusive Designs - Faaborg Dif High (Monochromatic Fair - SLINK High)
Bag:  Elysium - Coco Clutchbag - Black (The 100 Block)
Jewellery:  Fujiwara's World - Heart Band - Black Leather (The 100 Block)
Skin:  Panda Punx - Gabriella - Fade to Black (Rock Attitude Fashion Fair)

Event Website:  We Do SL - The Monochromatic Fair

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rock On

I am still laptopless so please excuse the frequency of my posts.  I am in the process of buying a new one, but these things take time.  In the meantime I have to fight other members of the household for the only computer in the house.  Some days I win, and others not.  Today was a good day!

Today are more items from The 100 Block which has now officially started.  There are some great new items so make sure you get shopping!

Hair:  Koy - Rust - Blondes (from my inventory)
Poses:  Juxtapose - Pusher (from my inventory)

Tee:  [MODA] - Music Mania Tee (The 100 Block)
Pants:  [MODA] - Suzie Suspender Jeans (TOB)
Glasses:  [MODA] - Shade Blockas (TOB)

Jewellery:  Ellabella - Empress Crow (TOB)

Boots:  ...::: Scrub :::... - The Old Trunk - Gold (TOB)

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The 100 Block

The 100 Block brought to you by The Depraved Nation is almost ready to begin ( by the time I post this is should be open!) and you are in for a shopping extravaganza with some great new items out for sale from a great bunch of designers!

Hair: K-Code - Iris - Light Blondes
Headband:  LOULOU&CO - Headband - Elfy
Piercings:  Hebenon Vial - Shots Fired

Outfit:  Leri Miles Designs - Kendra Blouse - BW Diamonda,  and Kiera Leather Leggings - Midnight
Shoes:  SeVered GarDeN - Patty Shoes (Not in 100 Block)

Bag:  Apple May Designs - Locket Bag - Black 
Poses:  .[pose+ivity]. - Cleo

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I am in the mood for dancing even though my laptop died and I am having to make do on another one.  Sigh. I do have good news is time for The 100 Block from the Depraved Nation.  YUSS!!!

It starts on the 9th of April so this is just a preview of what is to come!

Check out the top and skirt from American Bazaar.  The top is called Clubbing Top Cream and the skirt is Jazy Skirt Black.  SMEXY!

Boots are from /heathenesque/ and are the Chunkers Boots in Black.  They come with a hud so you can adjust the accessories to suit your requirements.  Bonus.

The bracelets are from *MUKA* and are Nasla Wrist Cuffs.  Very cool items!

My hair is also from the 100 Block Event and is from Little Bones.  I am wearing the Limbs hair in light blondes.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Was wandering about a cool new sim and got a bit lost.  Actually that is a lie, but in some of the photos my avi looked worried so I decided she could look a bit lost.

This sim is pretty cool and is called Little Village.  Great place to take some pics and have a look about.

Hair:  Truth Hair - Maisy (Recent Release)
Skin and Shape:  Panda Punx - Gabriella - Kissable (Rock Attitude Fashion Fair)

Boots:  DECO - Mesh Paraboots - Painted

Top:  20.FIVE - Aura Tanktop (New Release)
Skirt:  20.FIVE - Zip Skirt (New Release)

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