You may have noticed that we have been AWOL for a bit.  I am sorry about that.  Life happens and we are glad to be back.

While we were away the new round of Tres Chic began so I will be playing 'catch up' so that you don't miss out on anything.  I am excited to see what is out for you to nab.

Let's begin.

Pose:  Frozen - Surfer 06
Bracelet:  [VEXIIN] - Meredith Bracelet
Earrings:  [ILAYA] - Jolie Earrings
Hair:  =DeLa*= Lilita
Shorts:  THE OAK - Ripped Denim Short
Swimsuit:  THE OAK - Swimsuit
Shoes:  MOoH! - Boho Sandals Black (Sale item instore)

Been away.  That's about it really.  Back now.  All good.

Worst thing is that I missed the beginning of this round of Men Only Monthly, but I will attempt to make up for it by showing as much of the stuffs as I can in the next few days.

So on with it.

Tank:  A&D Clothing - Tank ~This Is Me~
Jeans:  MGmen's_Jeans_Newera  (Standart) 3
Hair:  Vango. Evan
Tattoo:  ISUKA - Ramses [Omega]
Bracelet:  *PetroFF* Savage Silver Brown L
Pose: grafica ~ gagi
Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - OMEGA FACE applier and Body - EARTH steam v1 (Not at MOM)

Hmmm, she looks like she had a hard night.  No sympathy there.  Self-inflicted pain.

Still at least she looks good for this time of the morning.  That is aided, mostly, by the gorgeous dress and accessories she is wearing.

Anyone got anything for a headache?

Pose:  Nantra Poses - Walk of Shame
Dress:  .:Pulse:. Racy Dress -  White (On9)
Hair:  Ducknipple Hair: Goldfish  (New Release)
Jewellery:  Zuri Rayna~Samantha Collection - White Opal/Bronze (New Release)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - SHARA v1 omega FACE&BODY caramel (Designer Showcase)

I have had so much fun landscaping and decorating this beach area at Best of SL Boulevard.  Of course, I did think of bloggers as I did it as I wanted plenty of great places for pics.  This is one of them and I am standing in front of this fab Astralia - Tropical pool (Sky) with fun animations and a classy look.  I grabbed it from Summerfest.

Pose:  Image Essentials - Vogue
Outfit, Jewellery and Shoes:  Ducknipple - Outfit vs 14 (New Release)
Hair:  !Oleander ~ Libby (Last week's 50L Friday)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - Savory omega FACE&BODY caramel (Mesh Body Addicts)

Sometimes that water can look amazing when the sun is beating down and there is a warm breeze, but it can be a trap for the unwary.  You race into the waves to find it is leg numbing and have to do the one-leg hop swap to get out.  This photo reminds me of that!

I am loving the citrusy colours I am wearing today.  Looks so summery.

Outfit:  MOoH! Aisha outfit soft (Designer Circle)
Hair:  Tameless - Rosella (Hair Fair 2017 - Red Shutters - Middle Left of Sim)
Necklace:  !Indulge Temptation! - Infinity Necklace (Designer Circle)
Tattoo:  .::Nanika::. Summer rain tattoo Henna (On9)
Pose:  Pose It-Bend (On9)
alaskametro - Miami Flipflops - Palm (On9)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - Marigold omega FACE&BODY caramel

Today is one of those posts where I mix up some fashion with some home and garden.  I am also throwing in a cool pose prop.  Today is all about On9 which started on the 9th.

On9 is one of my all time favourite events in SL and not just because I get to blog for them.  I just love the blend of fashion, accessories, poses and home & garden all in one place, with bargains to be had as well.

All of the items below are from On9.

Pose Prop:  ChiC Buildings - Sand Castle Beach Pose Prop
Dress:  [LAKSHMI]Rae Dress(Maitreya)/Topical CP 4
Hair:  Vanity Hair:  Life Is a Beach-Must haves
Jandals:  alaskametro - Beach Set
Furniture:: NEWCHURCH :: - Miramar Review Set

Batter up!

I have the feeling that this guy is not on a team of any kind.  He worries me a bit.  Cool pose though.  Great set from Image Essentials.

More items from Men Only Monthly.  Only a week left so if you are meaning to go grab some stuff, now would be the time.

Pose:  Image Essentials - Batter Up V1 and V2 (Designer Showcase)
Tank:  etham - Dustin Tank (MOM)
Jeans:  INVICTUS - Styles Jeans - Blue (MOM)
Tattoo:  ISUKA Benemale (MOM)
Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - OMEGA FACE applier - EARTH Caramel v1

I am highly allergic to camping.  My idea of camping is a hotel with a cafe very close.  It all seems like a lot of work to me and when I holiday I don't want to have to do anything.  Perhaps glamping would work for me as long as I have a hot shower and someone to bring me decent food.

The only thing about camping that appeals is marshmallows over a fire.  That is all.

However, this set really does appeal to me.  It is from Trompe L'oeil and is at Collabor88.  You get the tent with mats and the campfire. The other items are not included but just added to my scene!

The tent is texture change and has a load of great patterns and looks.  There are also plenty of great animations too for solos like me or couples.  Fab.

I have been busy on the Best of SL Boulevard land again, setting up a beachy area.  If you have been over there you will know it is kind of a park like setting, but I decided to break all the rules and set up this sandy oasis in the middle of the land.

I have had lots of fun doing it and decorating it up so it is inviting for all the visitors.  I hope you get time to wander over as I would love some feedback.  There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the sunshine and this area I am showing you today is one of them.

I have utilised three Serenity Style sets in this photo and had fun doing it, especially with the fans, which plug into no where but just add to the look.

Beach Box, Beach Screen Divider (MadPea Summer Hunt)
Chris Summer COL.- (The Liaison Collaborative)
Vintage Fan GACHA-   White and Blue (The Project Se7en)

I can't believe we are almost half way through the season, whichever one that is for you.  For me it is winter and boy has it been chilly.  I am looking forward to some warmth in the sun and having water that doesn't get frozen in the morning frosts.  Still, it is stunning to look at and I am hopeful we will get some snow soon just to mix things up.

In SL it is summer and I can enjoy some virtual rays and heat!  I can also enjoy my new pose set from Nantra.  I love these Beach Illustrated sets that come out each year!

Also, On9 starts on the 9th and boy is it looking like a goodie!

Pose:  {NANTRA} Beach Illustrated 2017 (Liaison Collaborative)
Dress:  [HILLY HAALAN] - Mila Dress v2 (On9)
Hair: Amacci Hair - Lani (Hair Fair 2017 - Green Shutters - Far Right of Sim)
Eyes:  MESANGE - Elixir Eyes BEAUTY PACK (On9)
Makeup:  ::Slack Girl:: Lee Shadow (On9)
Necklace:  (Kunglers) Belinda necklace - Quartz (On9)
Shoes:  Essenz - Indonesia - Raspberry (Gacha Guardians)

Time to dance with butterflies and enjoy the sounds and sights of the forest.  I hope the unicorns don't mind the noise.  I will try and be quiet.

I am loving this gorgeous outfit.  SL is so much fun when we can just have dress up and dance in the forest.

Costume:  *Me Sew Sexy* Forrest Nymph Gacha Set (The Chapter Four)
Pose:  {NANTRA} Butterflies Are Free
Shoes:  Mosquito's Way - Zoe (Tres Chic)
Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Pepper (Hair Fair - Green Shutters: Far Right Side of Sim)

These new Verdi Creek Camp Cottages from Trompe Loeil are at faMESHed and come in a HUGE range of fab colours:  blue, brown, moss, green, red, sky, teal, violet and white.  That means you can grab the one that suits your colour schemes!

You can also get the Verdi Creek chairs too and these are colour change so can be altered to go with your new cottage.

These gorgeous homes are only 49 prims and are 12 metres by 20.3 metres so perfect for those of you on a size and prim budget.