It has been a while since I have had time to just wander around taking photos of sims so when I had some time today I decided to have a 'me' moment.  It turned out to be a lot of moments, but it was fun.  I have been doing some fashion shots at this sim recently so I decided to go and start there.

I have 5 shots from this sim but I will only show 1 picture at a time.  This means you can enjoy one aspect of the sim and not have too much thrown at you all at once!

The sim is called Maison de L'amitie and combines an Mediterranean steeped village with a gorgeous beach and sea vista.  If you are a blogger wanting to use this sim you can join the group and be given rez rights so that makes it easy for poseballs or pose platforms.

The first photo I am calling Sinking Light.

I had SOOOO much fun doing the photos for this post and it evolved so beautifully.  The dress was the starter then I found the piercings and eye makeup.  I added the black lips, found this skin I had to blog and slipped into these shoes I have been saving for the right outfit and here it is.

Lastly was the pose and I needed the right one that was dramatic enough for the look.  Thank you Nantra Poses for this great set that I didn't get to blog around Valentine's Day but could now use in all its glory!  The set is called Valentine's Secret 2017 and all the poses in the set at FABU!  And, YES, the wings are part of the set!

Location:  DaphneArts

Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - HUD omega face/body OPAL white brows (Fantasy Faire)
Dress:  [American Bazaar] - Trust Issues Dress (Black Fair)
Shoes:  Amacci Shoes - Samara
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Dee (Hairology April)
Eye Makeup:  .ARISE. Gera Mask / Black (The Thrift Shop)
Lips:  ::SlackGirl:: Diana* Lips Set 2 for Akeruka Heads
Piercings:  ..::PaperDolls::.. Like a diamond 2 (The Thrift Shop)

If anyone asks where I am, tell them I am in the window, and that I am NOT a doggy!  I am, however, showing of this new pose prop called Window Dressing - Sun from Winx & Flair.  It is at the Pose Fair and comes with the option of changing the colours to suit.  Easy for modelling those upcoming summer items.

Fashion Items:
Dress:  La Gazza Ladra --  Kalon Queen - Lemon (On9)
Tattoo:  .::Nanika::.Olga tattoo White (On9)
Shoes:  Salvadori - White 'Gardenia' T-Strap Sandals (Tres Chic)

Sometimes it is nice to have a place to go and just chill out.  Of course, when you are a blogger, I just end up setting it up then taking photos, but looks relaxing.  No time!

If you want a great little place this set if perfect.  The pavilion would be great as an outdoor retreat, office or even a wee home.

Pavilion:  Serenity Style - The Atlier Couture Pavilion (Shiny Shabby - see rest of set below)
Kettles and Bell:  Serenity Style- The Magic Alice Bell and Tea Time (On9)
Bench:  KraftWork - Bajio - Bench vs1.1

Chair, Books and Glasses:  Serenity Style-Rainy Day (The Liaison Collaborative)
And the Rest:  Serenity Style- The Atelier Couture Gacha (Shiny Shabby)

Saw this gacha set from KraftWork and HAD to blog straight away.  Too cute and awesome to leave for later!  I will be having words with Nod re the serious lack of cat related items but it is still awesome!!

It will be at the new round of Cosmopolitan and I would get over and join the queue for this gacha machine because there WILL be one!

In true Arya style I have also added some other items to the frontage to give it a real authentic feel  It means I can show these items from {what next} at the same time!  Boom, baby!  You can grab the wheelbarrows, planters and watering cans at Bloom.

Note:  Corgi, Kitten and Pavers NOT included.

“Twoflower was a tourist, the first ever seen on the discworld. Tourist, Rincewind had decided, meant 'idiot'.” 

Every time I hear the word 'tourist' I think of this quote.  It spurs me not to be an idiot when I am being a tourist.  I love Terry Pratchett.  RIP.

Anyway, this outfit and the location gave me that 'on holiday' feel.  This little place I found is just perfect for those Mediterranean type shots and also has a beach area that I will return to when I need that kind of locale.  It is called Maison de L'amitie and is just lovely.

Outfit:  *Arcane Spellcaster*Ak-CreationsGinevra Beje (New Release)
Poses::Luane's World: - Be yourself (Tres Chic)
Shoes:  W:6 - Paula T-Bar Pumps Cream (The Thrift Shop)
Hair:  TUKINOWAGUMA -  Teike [B] (Tres Chic)
Bag:  *AGATA* Chelsea bag (Tres Chic)

Jewellery:  ERSCH - Hannah Set Silver (Tres Chic)
Eyes:  MESANGE - Iram Eyes (On9)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - Maria (Applique)

I do bite.  I should come with a warning. Actually, I do come with a warning.  Arya wrote me a note.  I just have to remember to hand it to people or maybe pin it to my shirt so everyone knows.

However, with the mask I am wearing today none of that is necessary.  By the time I took it off the bitee would be far away unless they are stupid and then they would deserve all the get.  I am channeling my inner Bane.

All items are from Men Only Monthly unless I tell ya otherwise.

Location:  The Last Forever

Outfit:  Meva -l Dale Outfit
Poses:  XXY - Dylan
Boots:  = REBELLION = "KNOX" BOOTS (from my inventory)

Eyes:  MESANGE - Nan Madol Eyes Mini Pack (MOH9 #25)
Tattoo:  DAPPA - River Tattoo.
Stripes:  .ARISE. War Stripes (double) / Black

I don't wanna go to bed yet.  The sun is still out and it is a beautiful evening.  Anyway, I am a grown up and you can't make me!

Although with a bed this nice who wouldn't want to tuck up in bedsy byes.  So pretty.  It is the Bed Lille from *CHEZ MOI* and is at the current round of Tres Chic.  You can also grab the Goodnight Wall Decor as well.  Bedroom sorted!

Lingerie:  *dafnis - -Brooklyn Bodysuit (Level Up)
Shoes:  Revoul - Lucia Diamond Heels / Vapor (TC)
Hair:  RAMA.SALON - Monica Hair (TC)
Bunny:  pr!tty - Bunny (TC - Is a Holdable item)
Pose:  Image Essentials - Sweet as Honey (b)

There are ten days to go on the WomenStuff Hunt, but that is plenty of time to get going on the hunt or even started, if you haven't already.  There are some great items to be had and this is a great way to get some new fashion items and accessories!

I am also including a fab new jewellery set, a gorgeous hair and one from a smexy pose set that are not in the hunt.

Dress:  .:Winterwood:: - Taja Dress (WSH)
Pose:  Image Essentials - Sultry V2 (b)

Nails:  LIVIA::Dashed Nails (The Thrift Shop)
Hair:  Tameless - Nayla (Recent Release)
Jewellery:  Zuri Rayna ~Mae Set - Necklace & Earrings - Cobalt/Copper (New Release)
Watch:  [*Kate*] Crystalline Watch - White (WSH)

I know I don't look like Gimli (do not say a word) but he had an axe or two and I have as well so there are the comparisons right there.  I also do not have a beard and I am fairly tall but I have the heart of a warrior, just like Gimli.  Does it count if it is at home in my freezer?  Bit of Stephen King humour there.

I am promoting my fav event today: Men Only Monthly.  So, all the items are from that unless I tell you otherwise.

Cardigan/Shirt:  [American Bazaar] - Shiny Style Shirt - Grey
Pants:  sharp by [ZD] - ALLISTAIRE PANTS black
Hair:  *Drot* - Steve
Bag:  :::NOIR::: - Jax Axe Bag
Pose:  Image Essentials - Bento - Ragnar_1 (Square 1)

So now that I have all the rant + gushy stuff off my chest I can get back to the job of actually blogging.  You know me; I need to have a verbal blowout every now and then.  It is cathartic.  I feel better anyway and more positive today.

Right, so fashion then!  Bumper crop today!  Heap of stuff from The Thrift Shop and I am super impressed with the quality of these items!  Super fun too.

Pose:  Image Essentials - Sultry V1 (b)
Top:  [American Bazaar] - Roxane Top - Charcoal (The Thrift Shop)
Jeans:  [American Bazaar] - Punkish Jeans - Blue (TTS)
Sneakers:  NS::  Mesh SoRRy Sneakers (TTS)
Facial Tattoo:  *ScS* Cyber Smash - Rupture (TTS)
Tattoos:  RedFish - Scafan Tattoo (TTS)
Earrings:  [ bubble ] Hoop Earrings Set V2 (TTS)
Hat/Hair:  Opale x fame femme. Daryl Hair & Cap - Blonde (The Crossroads)

Had an up and down SL today.  Good and bad both.  Nothing too major but for me as a blogger it was a bit gutting.  In the big scheme of things it weren't nothin' but for a bit there I was feeling a bit down and wondering why the heck I do this blogging thing.

If someone had told me when I first started how much work this all is I would thought twice...actually that is a lie.  If someone tells me not to do something I generally do the opposite.  I still would have given it a crack!

But it is not easy.  I have had to scrape and struggle to even get where I am today, which is not very far up the pecking order.  Seven years on and I still apply for events and to stores like everyone else.  I would love to be at that stage where they approach me, but no.  Nowhere near.

In fact, I fill in a load of applications and hardly get any of them.  Whether I am not their style or I am not arty enough or I don't get enough views on Flickr, I dunno.  For whatever reason I am not their thing.

However, I am so thankful for those designers who many years ago gave a struggling, unknown blogger a chance.  Funny thing is that I am still a struggling, unknown blogger but, after a bit of soul-searching today, I realised I am okay with that.  I love what I do and I work freaking hard at it.  I blog, on average, 7 days a week and sometimes more than once a day.  I sort outfits, scour SL for places to take pics, play with windlights to get the right look, take the photos, edit the photos, write the blog and post it all.  It all takes time.

In my spare time (hehe) I write for Best of SL and I love what I do there.   In the last week or so I have spent many hours creating my home and garden scene, writing my article and doing the photos.  In fact, yesterday I spent 6 hours finishing it off and then sorting all the photos so they are ready for publication.

I also manage the blog for All About Home designers and I love working with the team there.  I make sure their items get onto the blog, get all their items in the notecard and try and get that sent each week.  Great bunch of people to work with and I am glad to promote all their products and stores.

I am not telling you all this to boast or as a pity party  No. I just want you, my lovely readers, to know that this all takes time and effort but that you are the reason I do it all.  I love showing you all the amazing things SL has to offer.  I love promoting SL stores and designers and I am honoured to do it.

So, on days like this when SL gives me a little kick in the guts I have to stop and remember why I do it.  I also have to take the time to be thankful for all the people that trust me to display the efforts of their time and labour.

I would like to personally thank all the people who have supported me for so many years by letting me blog their stores, items and events or allow me to write for their magazine.  I would love to name you but I am too scared I will miss someone out, however you all know who you are and I am so appreciative of your trust and support.

Also a huge thank you to the other stores and events who have taken me on in the last year or so.  I am so excited I get to blog for you all!  You know I will give you my best!

And, of course, thank you, my readers.  I hope there are some of you out there.  You are a quiet lot, but that is ok.  You come for the fashion and home & garden items, not to chat to me.  Hugs to all of you!

Okay, back to what I am supposed to be doing...

Dress:  shine by [ZD] MAYA CASUAL MAXI DRESS red (Tres Chic)
Shoes:  Revoul - Lucia Diamond Heels.Maitreya / Oxblood (TC)
Hair:  Sintiklia - Hair Zoella(styler/bangs) (TC)
Necklace:  [VEXIIN] Finesque Necklace (12inch) Plat (TC)
Earrings:  Amacci - Earrings - Aceline (TC)
Pose:  an lar [poses] The Olivia Series (TC)